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Independent Pilates instructors and gym-affiliated teachers all know the struggle: how can you attract new students to your classes? Getting more Pilates clients is a matter of marketing. But as an instructor, what you’re really marketing is yourself.




3105, 2019

3 free ways to promote your fitness business online

Are you taking full advantage of the free resources online that can help promote your fitness business? There are plenty of paid advertising options available online, but you should definitely not ignore free ways to boost your personal training business, group fitness classes or other fitness endeavors. Free online promotion 1: Facebook events One of the most popular parts of Facebook is the event calendar. [...]

2005, 2019

How to be authentic on Instagram as a fitness trainer

It seems that authenticity on social media is harder and harder to come by. From photoshopped pictures to fake followers, fitness professionals on the platform are competing for the attention of a user base that can quickly become jaded. So how can you really be authentic on Instagram while still growing your business? A lot of the inauthenticity on social media comes from a misguided sense that more followers [...]

2005, 2019

3 tips for fitness instructors to build a personal brand

What is a personal brand? When most people think about branding, their first thoughts are probably about logos. But branding is so much more than a logo. Your personal branding is how you present yourself online and in person while conducting business. So whether you’re posting pictures on social media, teaching a class or giving feedback to a client, building a brand will help guide your business decisions. While [...]

1903, 2019

Offering Online Booking

Let’s face it people are lazy, especially when it comes to trying out a new workout. Deciding to try out Pilates for the first time can feel like a big deal, so lowering the barrier to entry with online booking can encourage more people to make the leap. Online booking is one of the most important ways you can increase your Pilates client base. Not only is [...]