Let’s face it people are lazy, especially when it comes to trying out a new workout. Deciding to try out Pilates for the first time can feel like a big deal, so lowering the barrier to entry with online booking can encourage more people to make the leap.

Online booking is one of the most important ways you can increase your Pilates client base. Not only is it easier for clients to make appointments without needing to call you or your gym, online booking is important for capturing mobile users. Most internet traffic is now mobile and online booking is no different. Research shows that 76% of online bookings for appointments are done using a mobile phone. If you aren’t giving these mobile users a way to book your classes online, you are going to miss potential clients.

So, how can you allow clients to book online.

What if you don’t have a website, or your gym doesn’t offer it on their studio website?

There are so many solutions for online appointment booking that you really don’t have an excuse. In fact, some of these online booking platforms are free to use! Here are a few you should investigate for your online Pilates class booking needs.

  • MindBody – Perhaps the best known of the online booking software platforms for fitness providers, MindBody offers a way to embed online booking on your website, on a Facebook page, and even in a free app that clients can download and book with you directly. MindBody is not free, but the $129/month price tag might be worth it for the strong existing user base.

  • Acuity – This online booking platform offers a free, bare-bones plan that will allow clients to book appointments with you, but for just $15-$25 per month, you can embed the scheduler on your website, sync it with your Outlook or G-Suite calendars, have customers make payments, customize your scheduling page and more.

  • Vagaro – This robust online booking app is great for Pilates instructors without a website since it allows you to create a customized website, link your online booking to your social media, and has a free mobile app with more than 5 million users. Pricing for Vagaro is user-based, but plans start at just $25 per month.

These are just a few of the many, many online booking platforms out there. Do some research and find the solution that works for you. Most platforms will offer a free trial so try out a few to see which one works best for your Pilates business.