The self-check style is used when students give feedback on their own performance after completing a task. Not only does this encourage self-reflection on behalf of the student, it can increase motivation to improve. Usually the self-check style involves the teacher distributing a criteria sheet and asking students to complete it on their own, while still providing feedback when necessary.

However, the self-check style requires students to have a level of proficiency and maturity that makes self-assessment possible.

Self-check is best for:

  • Technical skills classes

  • Learning specific movements or motions

  • Students that want to track their progress

If you can find a metric that students can track on their own, like heart rate or reps, consider using the self-check style on occasion.

Incorporating these different styles into your teaching repertoire can not only make you a more effective teacher, it can help your students better reach their fitness goals. As you teach classes at different gyms, with different students, and for different goals, take the best parts of each technique to boost your instruction skills.