Are you taking full advantage of the free resources online that can help promote your fitness business? There are plenty of paid advertising options available online, but you should definitely not ignore free ways to boost your personal training business, group fitness classes or other fitness endeavors.

Free online promotion 1: Facebook events

One of the most popular parts of Facebook is the event calendar. If you aren’t already posting your fitness classes on Facebook, you are missing out. It is completely free to post your events on Facebook. When people in your area are looking for a yoga, dance fitness or cycling class, you will have a greater chance of reaching those folks with a free Facebook event.

You can also consider posting special promotions as Facebook events, like free personal training sessions or consultations.

Facebook’s algorithm even suggests events to users that they think they’ll enjoy, so by posting your classes on Facebook the platform will do some marketing for you – for free!

Free online promotion 2: Google posts

Do you have a Google My Business account? If not, you should really get it set up ASAP.

If so, make sure you’re taking full advantage of the posting feature as a free way to promote your business. Posts on Google My Business show up in search results on both the regular search engine and on Google Maps. So when someone searches “yoga” on Google Maps and clicks on your listing, you can promote upcoming classes or special deals with a post to your Google my Business account.

While posts may not help very much with boosting your page ranking on Google, taking advantage of existing traffic on Google by providing more information to potential customers is a great free way to boost your fitness business.

Free online promotion 3: Press releases

Ever wonder how local businesses make it on the news website or social media? Here’s a hint: they aren’t waiting patiently for a reporter to notice what they’re up to. Savvy business owners, including those in the fitness industry, use press releases to alert the media to upcoming events, feel-good stories, grand openings and more.

If you’ve got the time to type up a quick alert on what’s new and noteworthy with your business, you should consider sending out press releases via email to the local news and see what happens. If you can develop a relationship with a local reporter, they might even use you as a source for upcoming stories that involve fitness topics.

Free online promotion for your fitness business is a great supplement to a comprehensive marketing plan. While they may not solve all of your marketing problems, the tactics above can be a fun way to boost your fitness business online.